Recommended Counselors and Mental Health Professionals

The following counselors and mental health professionals are the ones being officially recommended by the Faith Community Task Force of Gaston County.

If you are need financial assistance please visit the Resource Connection Gateway or text (704) 800-3836.

Coldwater Counseling

David Kneen

(704) 765-2059

Flint Groves Counseling Service

Jeff Watts

(980) 552-8247

Roger’s Christian Counseling

Venture Christian Counselor

Kim Talbert-Kirk

(704) 922-3763

Cross Bridge Counseling

Trish Murray

(704) 473-0578

Metrolina Psychotherapy Associates, P.A.

Chris Gazdik

Allison Tucker

(704) 461-8253

New Hope Counseling & Wellness

Elizabeth Nichols

(704) 248-1865

Providential Counseling

Beverly Rushing

(704) 251-9317

Montcross Counseling Center

Kent Tilley

(704) 751-1195

Southeast Psychotherapy

Jonathan Feather, Lynn Vivian & Co.

Charlotte, NC

(704) 817-5551

(704) 970-4791

Balanced Life Counseling

Ray Grubbs

Independent Clinical Counselors

Heather Griffin

Christy Garcia – English and Spanish adults and children

Mollee Reitz – Children and Adults

Deepest Needs Counseling

Judith Ayala

English and Spanish Speaking

Dr. Sara Stevenson, Ph.D.

  • (828) 324-1690
  • Life coach marriage counseling

Medicaid Mental Health Assistance

If you are on Medicaid, Partners Behavioral Health ( will facilitate and pay for your mental health needs. Call 1-877-864-1454. However, this is only done through the mental health professionals that receive Medicaid. The counselors that Partners will connect you with may or may not be “Christian.”

If you would like to know you are connecting with a Christian counselor, be sure to contact your church or one of the churches on this task force.